Imagine understanding Pinterest and finally being able to see the results you worked so long and hard for....

But instead you are....

  • Spending SO much time creating wonderful content and eye catching pins, but little to no one is seeing it.

  • You want to start using Pinterest for your blog or business, but you just don't get how to create an impactful strategy to finally see results.

  • You just don't understand how Pinterest works and are just so overwhelmed that you are probably just going to give up.

Don't Give Up!

I know how difficult Pinterest can be to understand, but if there is anything I can promise you, is that it's worth your time. Here is why:

Pinterest is not like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc which means those strategies DO NOT apply when it comes to running your Pinterest account.

So what that means is that since Pinterest is a visual search engine, that it makes it even easier for you to use SEO in your Pinterest strategy. 

Keep scrolling if you want to learn how I can teach you! 

Pinterest SEO Strategy Results

Impressions went from 1-2K in May 20 to 8K mid June 20

This is my business account and it is only 5 months old, manual pinning only. So in about a month I have almost tripled my views!


  • 1

    Module 1: Pinterest Basics

    • Updating Your Profile

    • How to Claim Your Website

    • Other Websites to Claim

    • Pinterest Boards

  • 2

    Module 2: What is Pinterest SEO?

    • Understanding How Pinterest Works

    • What is SEO?

  • 3

    Module 3: How to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

    • What are Pinterest Keywords?

    • Pinterest Profile

    • Pinterest Boards

    • Pinterest Descriptions + Titles

    • Pinterest Images + Text

  • 4

    Module 4: Pinterest SEO Keyword Research

    • SEO Keyword Research Examples

    • Keyword Research By Niche

  • 5

    Module 5: How to Design Pins Using Canva

    • How to Create a Pinterest Pin

    • How to Create Multiple Pins For The Same Blog Post

  • 6

    Module 6: Scheduling Pins

    • Pinterest Scheduler

    • Later Scheduler

    • Tailwind Scheduler

    • Pinning from Blog Post

  • 7

    Module 7: Adding a Pin to Blog Post

    • How to Add Your Pin Description to Your Blog

Meet Your Pinterest Coach, aka Me!

Claudia Gebhardt

Pinterest Coach

I started my Pinterest business early 2020, because I wanted to finally utilize my 5 years of corporate marketing to help others like you.

I have a passion for strategies, while being creative and that is why I chose Pinterest. It is not only the most underutilized platform, but also the misunderstood on what it can actually do to help you grow your business.

Come join my community and let's learn how to grow together!



    You'll get the chance to learn first hand how I search, find and use keywords in my Pinterest strategy. Along with other tutorials to help you with Pinterest.


    Along with my step-by-step video tutorials, I will be providing helpful guides and examples that reflect the training to help you take it into your business.


    This is not a one and done course. Anyone who enrolls should expect updates and additional content. Pinterest changes all the time, so I want to make sure to reflect that. Updated: June 2020


Only $96! ($200 value)


  • New + Intermediate Pinners

    This course is for anyone who wants to learn more about SEO and how to use it to optimize your Pinterest account. Only requirement is to have your Pinterest business account already created!

  • People who are short on time

    I wanted to create a course that was easy to understand and straight to the point. I know how confusing SEO can be, so I wanted to make it quick + easy to understand.

  • People who want to create an impactful strategy

    Pinterest involves more than just pinning pretty pins. Pinterest requires a thought out strategy that can be changed all the time.

5 star rating

So helpful -- this course is a MUST!!

Abbi Rew

For someone who had no idea what SEO was, Claudia reveals how to get discovered on Pinterest in this simple + streamlined course! She not only talks about why SEO is important, but shows you + gives you tools for exactly how to do what she's teach...

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For someone who had no idea what SEO was, Claudia reveals how to get discovered on Pinterest in this simple + streamlined course! She not only talks about why SEO is important, but shows you + gives you tools for exactly how to do what she's teaching! This course is SO insightful :)

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Enrolling in Lets Get Pinned will not only give you access to 6 modules (video tutorials, worksheets, examples, etc.), but you'll also get these free bonuses:


    Canva is my one place for everything when it comes to designing, especially for Pinterest. You will be able to try Canva pro for a month for free! This is even if you already have the free account and haven't used your trial yet.


    I use Later as my top scheduler for Pinterest and Instagram. Later is super helpful with batching content, but only allows certain amount of posts. Since I am apart of the referral program, you will be able to sign up and get 10 free posts on top of what you already have (new subscribers only)

“Video trainings seems to be the next big thing as it makes learning Pinterest so much easier which is exactly what this training provides. Beginner bloggers unfamiliar with Pinterest will not only get an understanding on how Pinterest works but as a bonus, the course even includes a keyword cheat sheet per niche to make it much easier!”

Lucy Reyes